Hi ! This is your friendly neighborhood Yash Srivastava. This is the homepage of my GitHub Pages website. This page will serve as a navigator for some of my most loved and cherished projects. While the good stuff is about to come, I hope what I love doing doesn’t get unnoticed.

How to contact me? ☎️

It’s pretty easy. Just hit me up on Twitter, LinkedIn or Mail. I’ll get back to you pretty soon, if I’m not busy.

About Me 🙇‍♂️:

Well, where to start ? I am Yashovardhan Srivastava(quite a mouthful - Yash is good) an undergraduate engineering student in National Institute of Technology, Warangal. From a young age, I have been fascinated by computers. As I grew older, this fascination turned into crush and crush turned into love - and from that moment, I haven’t looked back. I believe opensource projects has played a significant role in that. They made me fall in love with research, development and much more. Since now I believe I am capable enough to produce some original work, I want to be a part of this beautiful journey, in which all of you play an important role,

All of projects are a result of extreme dedication, meticulousness, and hardwork. Most of them are just random thoughts that I once had, and thought-What If ? They do not need recognition, they need discussions. I might have reached a dead end with some of those - but their cycle isn’t complete. I have plenty of projects in pipeline, which I hope will be just beautiful as the ones which are already there.

Experience 👷 :

  • Research Intern, Indian Institute of Technology-Banaras Hindi University: Worked under Prof. A.K. Singh on a research project on developing a machine translation system for low resource languages such as Hindi, Bhojpuri, Magahi, Maithali.

  • Executive Member, Research and Development Cell(National Institute of Technolgy, Warangal): Part of Undergraduate Research Association team of NIT Warangal which actively takes part in educating and fostering academic growth among undergraduate students.

  • Executive Member, Big Data Analytics and Consulting Cell(National Institute of Technolgy, Warangal) : Part of a dynamic team that has collaborated in several of the student club events such as Kaggle, Pytorch Workshop and Case study competitions, among other initiatives to develop a community of machine learning enthusiasts in NIT Warangal.

Proficiency and Interests ⭐ :

  • Research Interests : Natural Language Processing, Generative AI.

  • Learning : Artificial Intelligence Research, Data Science and Natural Language Processing.

  • Languages Familiarity : Spoken(Hindi, English, Very Basic Spanish), Programming(C, C++,Python, R, Julia)

  • Developer Tools: Github, Excel

  • Frameworks: Tensorflow, Pytorch, Keras

Achievements 🥇

  • Honour : Received Kaggle Notebook and Dataset Expert with an overall rank of 699 and 573 respectively.

  • Personal Interests : Football, badminton, avid reader, philosophy connoisseur and writing.

Career Goals 🥅:

Wooh. That’s a tough one. There are many things that I like and I feel it is difficult to commit to something. But, there comes a time when we need commit to a field. Balance between exploration and exploitation needs to be made-and for me, that comes from working on research problems. I want to study more, to do things that make me happy.

The place where I come from, this is NOT a trend. We are hard-working, talented people-but we realise very later in life what matters to us. True satisfaction comes from happiness-and that is the purpose of life. I choose to take the road not taken.

I see myself as a research scientist in the near future-specifically in the field of AI, but let’s see where life takes me.

Reseach Papers I Love 📎

In no particular order, I am listing doen some really awesome reserach papers that in one way or other have helped me think outside of the box.

Projects 🧰

Here I’ll pin some of my favorite projects, more on the research 👨‍🔬 side(Feel free to critique me on this(and try to contribute if possible :) ) :

  • Secure BPE (Work in Progress) : A modified, secure version of Byte Pair Encoding algorithm.

  • Collaborative Debating (Work in Progress) : A hacky implementation of the paper “Improving Factuality and Reasoning in Language Models through Multiagent Debate”.

  • NEAT-JAX (Work in Progress) : An implementation of Neuroevolution of Augmented Topologies Algorithm in JAX which is compatible with EvoJAX.

  • Nexus Theory : Can we really trust our human-ness for the messages that we send into the cosmos? Nexus theory is a gamified version to understand machine learning interpretability using Large Language Models.

  • Elixr : Elixr an autograd library using Complex Numbers similar to Pytorch.

  • Attention Free Revolution : Developed Leviathan architectures, and alternate to Transformer architecture using a modified attention scores, taking inspiration from signal processing.

  • P-GLAm : P-GLAm is a random thought experiment on Infinite Monkey Theorem. In this, I developed a GPT-2 inspired Large Language Model which aims to test the arithmetic correctness.

Here I’ll pin some of my favorite projects, more on the development 💻 side. Feedback is always appreciated for projects like these.:

  • Synapse : Synapse is hackernews-type platform that can be used by any community as a forum. Tried making this for my college, but need more inspiration.

  • Pandora : Pandora is domain agnostic framework for case study generation and solving.

  • Verizon : A Git like version control system, from scratch, in Python, spelled out.

  • YeetCode : YeetCode is a sassy version of Python made for all GenZ people. The aim is to create a new programming language which is bussin’.

  • Blaze : Developed a RAG(Retrieval Augmentation Generation) system by using Cohere LLM and Metaphor as a part of recruitement process for Metaphor, which is made using Langchain, Chainlit and deployed on Huggingface.

  • CodeSmith : Developed a ChatGPT-inspired chatbot trained on a Python programming problems on custom created dataset, made using Langchain, and deployed on Huggingface.

  • Alzhemist : One of the first projects that got me in to the world of Attention. A Deep Learning Model to see which classifies Brain MRI on the basis of the dementia (AD). The images are classified as follows - Mildly Demented, Moderate Demented, Non Demented, Very Mild Demented.

  • Maxwell : One of my most priced possession. Maxwell is twisted take on One Shot Frequency Dominant Neighborhood Search. The scheme provided in the paper is a bit modified to generate fingerprint for an image.

  • SpiceyDicey : SpicyDicey is a end to end machine learning project that aims to predicts the number that appears on a dice. All of the work in collecting the data and editing the images has been done individually and from scratch.

Here are some of the awesome notebooks 📓 I’ve made on Kaggle(I’m a 2x Kaggle Expert also !!) :

  • FC Barcelona is Back! : Analyzed FC Barcelona’s LaLiga performance in the 2022-23 season on Kaggle, achieving Bronze Medal and 200+ views apart from receiving recognition from Kaggle.

  • BART Pretrainig from Scratch : Developed a BART model from scratch using Huggingface on Shakespere dataset in a notebook on Kaggle, which received a silver medal and 600+ views.

  • Tensorflow Recommendation System : Demonstrated on using Tensorflow Recommendation System in a Kaggle notebook that gained bronze medal, and 500+ views.

Much is yet to come, so keep an 👀